Jacob Greenberg has worked as a record producer for major domestic and international labels. He is the director of the International Contemporary Ensemble's Tundra imprint on New Focus Recordings. In addition to his self-produced solo albums, acclaimed releases include Mode Records' Xenakis Ensemble Works 3, featuring ICE, which won the 2016 Diapason d'Or medal; and On the Nature of Thingness, with composer Nathan Davis and ICE on the Starkland label, which was named 2016 Best Contemporary Classical Album at the Independent Music Awards. Other critically praised discs include flutist Claire Chase's Terrestre on New Focus, composer Amy Williams's Cineshape and Duos for Albany Records, and bassoonist Rebekah Heller's 100 Names on Tundra. 

Producing services, isolated or integrated, include managing and running of recording sessions, edit mapping, attended editing or mastering, and post-production supervision. References and pricing available on request.

These are some albums with contributions as a producer: